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As you can see, the big news is that we're an official supplier for Sideshow Collectibles. But before we talk specifically about Sideshow, let's talk about pre-ordering in general.

Pre-ordering is the term we attach to the method of gathering advance information about what products we'll need to bring in so that we have enough inventory of a particular item or items to satisfy the demand. It's a very useful way of removing the idea of "guessing" what will sell and what won't. Obviously there's no way to totally eliminate guessing, especially in the world of sought-after collectibles. It's almost impossible to tell what product may become extremely desirable while another that seemed promising suddenly draws no activity. Pre-ordering tries to eliminate some of the guesswork in this very imprecise science. Having defined it, let's take a look at how we implement it to benefit the greatest number of clients.

There are two types of Pre-Orders in our system: Members' Pre-Orders and General Pre-Orders.

1.) Members' Pre-Orders: If you click the link on the Previews thumbnail you'll get to the page that describes the Comic Service. Part of the function of the Comic Service is to make sure that you get the products you want in the quantity that you want them. To this end we invite members of the Comic Service to make their monthly orders from the Previews catalogs. We keep two months' worth of catalogs on line and update them each month so that members of the Comic Service have the most up to date lists of new and upcoming products. 

That's just one of many advantages to being a member of the Comic Service, and it also serves to eliminate potential inventory issues that may arise from taking regular orders on the website from casual visitors. Each member of the Comic Service knows what to expect each month and we know that we've got the right stuff coming to supply those orders. Payment for those items is deducted from a member's  account only after the products have actually arrived and are ready to ship. That's one of many advantages for Comic Service members as opposed to everyone else making Pre-Orders, because that guaranteed system is designed to simplify inventory tracking and improve efficiency. 

Obviously it's a benefit to become a member of the Comic Service and we invite you to do so if you're not already one. We've been doing this since 1964 and it's saved thousands of collectors all over the world a great deal of time, aggravation and money!

2.) General Pre-Orders: This is where we've introduced the aspect of Sideshow Collectibles into our product mix, and we've now expanded the Pre-order program to encompass the entire range of products we handle.

As you may know, Sideshow produces a very exclusive and high-quality line of products for discriminating collectors, as well as being exclusive representative for several high-end manufacturers of action figures and various other items of interest.  Because of this exclusivity Sideshow items are extremely desirable and are often sold out almost as quickly as they are issued.

We decided that the best way to offer Sideshow products was to make them available for Pre-Order to everyone, both members of the Comic Service and non-members to give the biggest audience a fair shot at getting them. This has been expanded to the full range of products we carry.

However, there are a few differences between these Pre-Orders and those of type 1 above: One is that Sideshow Pre-Orders will be processed for payment immediately. The reason for this is so we can be sure of firm orders. A second is that the shipping costs shown on the order confirmations are only estimates and are subject to change, since some of these items are of unusual sizes and/or weights and the shipping costs may be affected accordingly. Only exact shipping and handling is charged, and any adjustment will show up as a separate charge when the products actually arrive and are shipped, along with a notification of the amount of the adjustment if there is one. When making an order these differences are incorporated as part of our terms.

With the full range of products all Pre-Orders are firm orders and cannot be withdrawn, but in the specific case of Sideshow products, one of the other differences between these Pre-Orders and those of type 1 is that with the former we are able to control the inventory needs and make sure that the correct products arrive at the correct time, while with Sideshow we are not necessarily in that position. This introduces the very remote possibility of sell-outs for select Sideshow products. We have little control over that situation and we work with Sideshow every day to make sure that nothing goes wrong and everyone is satisfied. So far this has worked very well. We will guarantee that if such a situation occurs, we will immediately refund any payment in full.

That's an overview of Pre-Orders. We invite you to explore both possibilities. We hope that you'll join our ever-growing family of satisfied customers and that you'll turn to us first for the widest selection of the best collectibles available anywhere!