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General Questions & Answers

Do I have to join the Comic Service in order to use this website? This is the big one of course, and the answer is absolutely NO. However, there are a lot of benefits being offered to you if you do decide to join. Chief among them are one heck of a lot of discounts. See the information on the Comic Service for more about this.

What happened to my login and password from the old Comics America site? Nothing. In fact, we will soon complete the transfer of the old account information from the previous version of the website to this one, so your old login and password should be available to you. The exception to this is if you are a Comic Service member, in which case we have assigned you a new login and password. If you have not received notice of that new login and password, please contact us right away.

Where are all the products from the old website? Rome wasn't built in a day and neither is this site being done that way. We have a massive job to get most everything from the old site into this one, and it's a work in progress. Every week there will be additions, so make sure you visit us often. The old site had over 267,000 items, so it may take a bit of time. If you don't see items you're interested in, either e-mail us or use the Wish List function on this site to let us know.

How do I search for products on this site? The old website featured a "wildcard" option that used the "@" symbol as the wildcard. We have maintained the function, but have reverted to an old standard in the computing world, namely the "*" symbol. For example, if you want to search for all items related to Superman, you could enter "Superm*" into the search dialogue, and it should come up with any reference to him anywhere in the products. (That might be a lot of products!). Similarly, if you want to search by SKU, you can enter all or part of the SKU into the search with the wildcard character, and the results should show appropriately. A search cannot begin with the wildcard character, so if you were to enter "*Superm" for example, you'd wind up with no results. For even more tips and tricks, please check out the full Search Tips page.

What differences will this site have compared to the old one? There are too many to mention. One big one is that if something is shown on the site, it will likely (99.9% probability) have a picture or pictures to go along with it, as well as more reliable internal tracking on our part so we can actually offer you items which are in stock when we say they are. A lack of specific functionality on the old site sometimes created problems in that regard.

When will a credit card payment actually be charged to my card? When you make orders from this site and you process your credit card through Payflow Link, the card will be blocked for the amount of the purchase. However, the actual charge will NOT be processed until we process the order and ship it. That way in the unlikely event of a problem with the order, we can correct it accordingly and process the card only for the exact product(s) you will receive. This brings us to another big one, namely....

What happened to orders from the old site where I had a partial shipment and still have credit? We have records from the old site. When then old site first started we made the error of processing credit cards as firm sales instead of authorizations. Had we used the latter method, it would have allowed us to adjust orders for shortages, instead of having outstanding items and credits from orders. In many cases these problems were fixed with subsequent shipments, but in a bunch of cases there were unfilled items, and hence unhappy clients. If you are one of these, we need you to e-mail us. We need the details of the order number and the items still missing. We will then research the order from our record and either supply the item(s) needed or we will issue you a credit right here on this site. If we issue the credit, we will add a bonus amount to thank you for putting up with the inconvenience, for which we extend our sincerest apologies .The credit can be used against any subsequent order(s) you may make, and that will solve the problem.

How come I want to order one item and shipping is relatively expensive? We chose to go with a flat rate, depending on your location. Every shipping company builds a BASIC charge into their fees. That's why if you order one item, you're going to get a shipping charge that reflects the basic charge which is comparatively big, added to a nominal amount for each item which is comparatively small. The obvious solution to this problem is to add more items to the order, as this will cause the average cost per item in the order to drop considerably.

More FAQs will be added as they come up or as you suggest them.