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Back Issues

When we talk about the concept of "Back Issues" we're really talking about the plethora of products which are currently available on the site or which will become available as we continue to develop the site each week, and which are not Pre-Order items. These range all the way from old and rare items to the current week's releases as they are made available.

The titles span more than 100 years of comic history and cover every possible genre. They are of the best quality possible, which is why you have not yet seen much on the site in the way of condition matrices for specific issues. This is because simply put, we won't send out anything that's not in really nice condition. We wouldn't want it any other way for our collections and we don't expect you to accept anything less than the best we can provide.

So that in a nutshell is a summary of "Back Issues". It's really, comics, magazines, books, collectibles, toys, action figures, posters, and the whole range of products!

Now here's some news: Comic Service members (those are the folks who subscribe to all their new titles and stuff through us) receive substantial discounts off the regular prices on their purchases of most of this material! So check out the information on the Comic Service, and if you're not already a member, please take the time to join the family of the oldest continuously-operating Comic Service anywhere in the world today!